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At Carlos A. Howard Funeral Home we use innovation to ease the burden of funeral planning by offering an online catalog (shop online now), online condolences, leave a condolence for your beloved, as well as check date, time and place of viewing and funeral, #. ANNOUNCING: Virtually eThere Funeral Services—We offer streaming funeral service for families who can not attend the actual service (see demo). Now, allow family and loved ones to attend the funeral via the internet and streaming video embedded into a web page memorializing the deceased, which features the legacy they left behind. Call today (757) 627-7914 and ask how. Using the highest level of compassion and technology—"We Still Choose People Over Profit" and remember "You Don't Have to Pay Too Much."

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Renaissance Rose SST
Item# OR6: Premium Series Chrome/Nickel Stainless Steel Gasketed Construction, with Moss Pink Velvet Interior, Locking Mechanism Plus a One Piece Rubber Gasket, Continuously welded bottom, stationary hardware, adjustable bed and mattress, Standard Size / Fits Standard Vault and limited warranty. Limited Memorial® Program, Memorial Record™ System. Interior Chemically Treated to Resist Rust and Corrosion. Each Casket Factory Tested for Quality Assurance and limited warranty.

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